Health Insurance Policies

If you are covered by health insurance, or a government plan (such as Medicare, Medicaid or Worker's Compensation), OhioHealth will bill your insurance plan first. You may receive a summary statement of charges at the same time. You will receive a bill if your claim is denied, or if you have coinsurance, a deductible or a co-pay due.

If your insurance plan does not pay the bill within 90 days, or your claim is denied, you will receive a statement from OhioHealth indicating the bill is now your responsibility. All bills sent to you are due upon receipt. If you feel that your insurance should cover the bill, it is your responsibility to contact them directly, using the number listed on your insurance ID card.

If there is still a balance after your insurance company has paid, OhioHealth will bill up to two additional insurance companies for you.

If you have any questions about your bill, please call our Customer Service team at 614-566-1505 and 844-379-4962.

If your visit was due to an auto accident, your care may be covered by your auto insurance. Many auto insurance policies include a medical payment benefit, even if you are not at fault. Please call Customer Service at 614-566-1505 and 844-379-4962, if you have questions regarding auto insurance med pay benefits.